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Earn $1 USD per lead / Earn Up To $100 USD Per Sale

Welcome to the Down Under Visa Affiliate Program!

Down Under Visa are Registered Migration Agents who specialize in Australian visas for Australian Filipina, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese couples. Run by RMA Jeff Harvie and his family team. We process hundreds of successful visa applications every year with a success rate over 99%.

Our WEBSITE is our business entry point, and the first point of contact we have with clients is usually our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT FORM, which allows us to assess their suitability for a visa application at this time and to give recommendations and costing.

Apart from being associated with a highly respected business well-known in the Australian and South East Asia communities, we pay our partners $1 USD for every time a site visitor of yours completes one of our assessments forms and up to $100 USD for those who purchase a visa. Paid monthly into your PayPal account.

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Program Highlights

  • Joining our program is free. There are no startup costs.
  • Earn $1 USD commission for every qualified lead that completes the FREE ASSESSMENT.
  • Earn up to $100 USD commission for every lead that purchases a Visa.
  • Earn Double commission on your first sale! - No Website Required.
  • Custom affiliate dashboard so you track clicks, leads, sales generated, and commissions earned in realtime.
  • Marketing collateral: Unique affiliate links, texts ads, banners, videos, and emails.
  • Commissions paid out monthly.
  • Dedicated support when you need it!

Getting Started

To get started simply fill out the form, agree to our affiliate program terms and conditions and submit the form. It's that simple!

You will receive an approval email once your account is approved which contains your affiliate ID, login information.

Affiliate Enrollment Application

Please provide us with the following information to help us get you started right away.

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