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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Down Under Visa Affiliate Program is a marketing platform where we pay a certain fixed commission amount to affiliates who create new leads and sales for the Down Under Visa Site.

  • When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with text links, banners, emails, and videos to place within your website, social page, or email campaigns. When a user clicks on one of those links or ads, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission based on leads from FREE ASSESSMENTS taken and/or REGISTRATIONS that purchase a visa from the FREE ASSESSMENTS.

  • No. The program is free to join and there are no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

  • Your earning opportunity is unlimited, and depends on your effort and enthusiasm. If you have traffic from people who travel or are in a long distance relationship, then telling them about Down Under Visa will get you sales and commissions.

    You will be paid:

    1. ASSESSMENT LEAD: $1 (One USD per Qualified Lead).
    2. PARTNER VISA REGISTRATION: $100 (One Hundred USD per Registraion).
    3. TOURIST VISA REGISTRATION: $25 (Twenty Five USD per Registraion).
  • We provide you with 2 different ways to earn.

    • The FREE ASSESSMENT is a form filled out for those interested in obtaining a visa.
    • The REGISTRATION is when someone from the FREE ASSESSMENT purchases a Visa Package.
  • You are welcome to place them on your websites, blogs, social networks, Google Ads, YouTube, and emails.

  • You can click below to read our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.
    Terms and Conditions

  • All affiliate commissions are paid out via PayPal and require a $100 minimum balance in available commissions. If you do not have a PayPal account, we might be able to make payment arrangments using another method, but payout threshold and fees may vary. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Commissions are marked pending for an initial 30 days to cover possible chargebacks and refunds. After 30 days the amount then becomes available and marked as cleared. Payouts becomes available once your cleared earnings reach $100.

  • We provide content for you in the Affiliate Dashboard and by request. You may not use content from other areas of our websites without our prior approval.

  • Yes. We evaluate each applicant on an individual basis.

  • Our affiliate program uses Sessions and Cookies to track leads and sales generated by your affiliate link.

    Sessions will cover the initial visit while Cookies will be used to cover return visits.

    For Cookies, the following conditions must be met on the user end and is out of our control:

    • Cookies must be enabled in the browser's settings before your referral follows the link.
    • Cookies must not be cleared before a FREE ASSESSMENT is submitted by your referral.
    • Your referral should use the same browser to take the FREE ASSESSMENT.

    Our tracking cookie will remain valid for 30 days under the above conditions.

    For the FREE ASSESSMENT, any lead that completes the form will be assigned your Affiliate ID and tracked indefinitely.

  • You can simply login to your Affiliate Dashboard at any time for access to realtime stats and reports on any leads and sales you have generated.

  • No. Sorry but you cannot refer yourself and you will not get a commission for it.

  • Please use the support contact form once logged into your Affiliate Dashboard.